One Night with a Demon

Monster Escort Agency, Book 2

Genre: Paranormal Romance Short

Jessie had always felt like something was missing. When she graduated, she left her small town to find herself at school. Instead she ended up with a roommate from hell. Literally. She kept giving the roommate chance after chance, but things finally came to a head when the roommate makes a move on her crush.

The same crush the roommate had talked her into approaching earlier in the evening.

So, Jessie got even. She took something from the roommate.

A card for an exclusive escort agency.

An agency that specialized in making a bookworm’s dreams come true.

“A short story with a twist that was unexpected. “

– Goodreads Reviewer

“From start to finish this book was so good, hot, sexy, witty, fun! “

– Goodreads Reviewer

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