Paladin Beginnings book 1

Skye is no ordinary girl. She was born a Paladin, evolved to protect humans from the supernatural and keep the peace between the realms. A curse placed on her people has affected their lineage. Prior to the curse, all those born Paladin would become superhuman Sentry and be guardians. Now, only a select few undergo the transformation, which happens during their 16th year of age. To her surprise, Skye goes through the transformation a year early and learns there are secrets all around her.

Sent to Kresnik Academy, a boarding school for Sentries, she meets other teenagers who share her gifts. Skye starts to experience abilities that she fears will affect her status at the Academy. She begins to question who she is and wonders if her dad’s disappearance has anything to do with it. She must decide how much she is willing to risk. Is there anyone she can trust?

Will she uncover the truth, or endanger herself in the process?


Paladin Beginnings book 2

After the traumatic events at Kresnik, Skye is thrown into a new adventure at Sangre Institute, a supernatural high school located in Vampyria. Here is where she must complete her final assignment, in order to graduate from Kresnik Academy. Just like all the Sentries before her, she must to convince the Paladin Ministry she can hide in plain sight, posing as a Wiccan Realmist. To help hide her identity, agents from the Ministry provide her with a talisman.

Her success would lead to her first posting in another Realm.

Along the way she meets some new friends, but still reeling from the memories of her kidnapping at Kresnik, she finds herself suspicious of everyone’s motives. Thankfully, she has her best friend Rose at the school with her as a pilot project for the Paladin Ministry.

All too soon, events at the school make her question who or what she is and where she truly belongs. She can’t help but wonder if she will ever find out what happened to her dad, and what it has to do with the Order. She finds herself questioning how her new friends could possibly fit into her life as a Sentry. Most of all, she wonders how close she should allow herself to get to one person in particular.

How close is too close?


Paladin Beginnings Book 3

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